Seashell: International Freight Forwarders in Mumbai

International freight forwarders play a key role in the shipping industry. They are efficient in handling international shipments and also have the expertise in preparing and processing various documentation and formalities related to international shipments.
Documentation Reviewed by International Freight ForwardersAn international freight forwarder reviews the following documents and also takes care of customs:

  • Shipper’s export declaration
  • Bill of lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Documents required by the country or carrier of the respective import, export and transshipments

In recent times with the advancement in technology most of these information is processed in a paperless environment. Updating the entire system with the latest technology will help in greater visibility, connectivity and accessibility will help to provide proper tracking of delivery, freight, and inventory and purchase order which will effectively contribute to increase in the cost effectiveness of the business.
Services and Capabilities of International Freight ForwardersAs International freight forwarders we need to include these as part of our special capabilities to ensure success in the logistics industry.

  • Offer both competitive as well as reliable international freight forwarding solutions which will help to support the growth and expansion in both the existing and new markets
  • Handle quota issues, quarantine and customs procedures and trade disputes
  • Deal with changes in emergency measure and trade policies
  • Provide services which are cost effective to customers with regards to the movement of international freight
  • Offer intermodal solutions which are cost effective to meet specific requirements of customers in terms of routing, transit time and cost
  • Manage Freight with regards to ocean, air and road
  • Work as risk management consultant

Seashell Logistics Pvt. Ltd is a member of World Cargo Alliance (WCA) and international freight forwarding is one of the core services. With a global network across 190 countries and an association with over 5000 Agents in the industry is considered to be the best in International Freight Forwarding in Mumbai by maintaining strong partnerships with major road, ocean and air carriers.

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