What is Total Logistics?

Logistics plays an important role in today’s fast growing business world. Logistics companies aim at including comprehensive information, latest control systems and communication which are of great importance in this business environment. In this business prospects Total Logistics refers to the sequence of operations that result in placing of finished goods or services in the hands of customer or the end-user from its place of origin.

Total Logistics ServicesTotal logistics integrates following business activities:

  • Planning the structure for management of materials and services
  • Handling of materials and services
  • Management of Inventory and Order
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Implementing and controlling the flow of raw materials, inventory and finished products from the point of origin to the destination or point of consumption.
  • Customer services
  • Management of Transportation system
  • Management of Warehousing

Total Logistics Cost ConceptSeashell Logistics Pvt. Ltd. offers the best logistic services globally. Experts are of the opinion that Total Logistics is also a source of value addition. Inventory management is the only element within the realm of the total logistics chain which is seldom outsourced. In entire logistics process transportation is considered to be the single largest cost. The following services are usually outsourced in logistics process:

  • Transportation
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Freight consolidation
  • Freight Forwarding

Total Logistics helps to reduce overall cost of the goods delivered and increases their time and space utilities at the right time and right place. This is possible by implementing following approach:

  • Streamlining storage, transport and the handling operations.
  • Reducing inventories and the financial and storage costs which are related to it.
  • Making cost effective use of the available assets

It is very important that logistic companies should include a cost effective total logistics approach and should mainly focus on their strategies in fulfillment of the specifications and requirements of their clients. 

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